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Control Systems Projects

Large Building Controls Solutions
Our large building DDC systems are designed to handle the challenges of both high rise and building campus applications. Our systems feature both Lonworks and Bacnet protocols, easy graphical operator interface and WEB access through the JACE by Tridium.

We have proven software to handle the most challenging building needs, and can provide complete building systems integration. Ask us to prove it!

Small Building Controls Solutions
An ideal solution for absentee owners or management company employees who want to know what is happening in their building when they are not there. Easy to access Web pages served up over the internet allow you to see space temperatures, equipment status, temperature trend logs and to change control parameters and setpoints using Internet Explorer from any computer on the world wide web.

Our software features your choice of simple or complex floor plans, and simple rooftop unit setpoint adjustments. You'll find it easy to navigate navigate our graphics, read the temperature and equipment monitoring, and adjust scheduling.

The Denver Performing Arts Complex

Encompassing four city blocks on 12-acres, The Denver Performing Arts Complex is the world’s largest arts complex, with 10 performance spaces connected by an impressive 80-foot high glass roof. The original pneumatic control system was replaced with a state-of-the-art Bacnet...

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380, 385 and 390 Interlocken

380, 385 and 390 Interlocken are high end, high rise office towers served by built-up VAV HVAC systems. The primary heating and cooling is provided by high efficiency boiler and chiller systems all controlled by DDC systems designed and installed by MSI. The control system also...

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McMurdo Station

McMurdo Station in Antarctica is a self-sufficient city on the southern tip of Ross Island. It consists of more than 100 buildings including numerous labs, offices, medical facilities living quarters and several bars. The HVAC systems as well as the waste management and power...

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When KOAA TV needed a new home, they used MSI to retrofit an existing building with Bacnet DDC controls to provide an efficient, comfortable environment. The system controls a VAV system which conditions offices production areas and...

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Fed Ex Data Center

The Fed Ex Data Center provides IT functions for the entire FED EX operation. The facility is conditioned by redundant cooling equipment for the computer areas, office HVAC systems, a redundant chiller plant and a power generation system. All systems are controlled by a Bacnet...

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Bank of the West

MSI has retrofitted more than 15 Bank of the West facilities with state-of-the-art DDC systems. The systems control a wide array of HVAC systems such as dual duct, VAV, multizone, VVT and hot/chilled water systems. The systems provide enhanced comfort, energy efficiency and...

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EPA Region 8 Headquarters

The EPA Region 8 Headquarters offices in downtown Denver serves 6 states, 27 sovereign tribal nations and roughly 10 million people. The project was a fast track, design build concept and MSI was chosen to provide the Bacnet DDC control system. The control system operates VAV...

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