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LEED Certified Projects

EPA Region 8 Headquarters

The EPA Region 8 Headquarters offices in downtown Denver serves 6 states, 27 sovereign tribal nations and roughly 10 million people. The project was a fast track, design build concept and MSI was chosen to provide the Bacnet DDC control system. The control system operates VAV...

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Denver Public Library in Green Valley Ranch

This project is a new Denver Public Library in Green Valley Ranch. The project is LEED gold certified and consisted of one large variable volume direct/indirect evaporative cooling unit with heat recovery and hot water heat, high efficiency condensing boilers and under floor VAV...

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North Metro Fire Department

This project is a new office administration building for the North Metro Fire Department. The project is LEED silver certified and consisted of two high efficiency gas fired heating/cooling VAV roof top units with heat recovery. Air distribution is done thru VAV boxes with hot...

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