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EPA Region 8 Headquarters

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The EPA Region 8 Headquarters offices in downtown Denver serves 6 states, 27 sovereign tribal nations and roughly 10 million people. The project was a fast track, design build concept and MSI was chosen to provide the Bacnet DDC control system. The control system operates VAV systems for the lower floor tenant areas, the under floor system for the EPA offices, building pressurization control and life safety pressurization control.

This building is the largest LEED certified project in Colorado. The EPA office floors are served by underfloor variable volume heating and cooling system and the lower tenant floors have a traditional ceiling delivered heating/cooling system, all controlled by a Bacnet DDC system designed and installed by MSI. The DDC system also controls the atrium pressurization, garage CO2 control and life safety pressurization of evacuation routes. MSI was instrumental in the building commissioning and building efficiency documentation required for the LEED gold certification.