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Switchboard equipment. Shield for enterprise automation. Concept - equipment for automation of equipment at enterprise. Panel with wires and switches at enterprise. Automation of production.
Switchboard equipment. Shield for enterprise automation. Concept - equipment for automation of equipment at enterprise. Panel with wires and switches at enterprise. Automation of production.

Building Automation Services in Aurora, CO: Commercial Automation & Energy Management System Installation, Repair, Replacement, & Retrofitting

Besides being able to help our customers save money with our highly effective HVAC control systems, we are proponents of industrial energy management in Aurora. Energy administration systems for commercial structures offer energy savings and rebates for commercial property owners and managers all over the state. As a Distech business, Mechanical Solutions, Inc. has all the right tools to help our customers with energy performance. MSI can offer service for just about any building automation retrofitting and building automation installation or any other automation problems that can help your system work like new!

Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings

While using our highly efficient energy management systems for commercial buildings, our customers will be able to maximize the money they save from their energy usage. Whether you will need us to come and install new VAV boxes or provide a first time installation for your building in Aurora, we can handle any job. We are also able to install new and updated Distech building administration systems to replace outdated controls in properties. Reach out to us today and get started with energy management!

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Energy Rebates for Replaced Equipment in Aurora

As a leader in commercial energy management, MSI will gladly perform energy audits and provide engineering for any mechanical control systems that might need upgrades. For example, MSI carried out all of the Xcel Energy rebate applications and was able to obtain approximately $30,000 in rebates from Xcel Energy for upgrades performed at JP Morgan Chase. This money was then paid directly to JP Morgan Chase to greatly help offset the price of the project. See success in your energy management with MSI.

Services for Better Commercial Energy Management in Aurora

If there is an element of the systems in your Aurora property that you need replaced, there is a good chance that you will be able to qualify for an energy rebate. If we are the ones taking care of the replacement, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to save. Give us a call today, and so that we can fill your needs for full building automation retrofitting, building automation installation, and any additional building automation service that can also result in a powerful rebate!

Providing Commercial Building Management With Smart Solutions

Our role at Mechanical Solutions, Inc. is to ensure optimal functionality within your commercial building, enabling you, your employees, and occupants to work efficiently with minimal disruptions. Our services span various categories, including mechanical projects covering pre construction management in Aurora, CO, installation, and replacement. This extends to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R). Furthermore, we also offer commercial heating and cooling solutions for Aurora, CO residents, including replacement, installation, and emergency services. Adapting to the digital era, we provide building automation solutions, covering installation, repair, and replacement. This saves you significant time and money, allowing you to manage your property seamlessly through automated processes, eliminating the need for physical presence. Call or click today to learn more!

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